Not All Affiliate Links are Scams  

These days, most of the review sites you see online use affiliate links to products. The site owner makes a commission from each sale that they get through their links. That causes a lot of people to think that people who use affiliate links are all scammers who don’t care about the actual product; that they only want money. This is completely false. It’s true; there are tons of people who use affiliate links to promote scams, but it’s not that way for everyone. Let’s take a look at this issue on a deeper level.

When Affiliate Links are Scams

It’s important to know when affiliate links are scams in order to avoid them at all costs. With so many people promoting products on the internet, there are millions of people promoting scammers and some aren’t even aware of the fact that they are promoting frauds.

A website that promotes scams through affiliate links will normally use tons of call to actions. They will display large buttons and banners that tell you to buy the product that they are promoting. They will ALWAYS promote the product in a very positive light. They will use tons of false claims and they will write tons of fake user reviews.

These people are promoting scams, so they are also frauds.

Always avoid these types of review sites. Another huge red flag is when the site only promotes one product. For instance, lets say a website is promoting a diabetes miracle shake program and the website’s name is called, that’s a huge red flag that the site was created for the sole purpose of promoting that one product. Avoid this at all costs.

How to Detect Good Affiliate Links

Although it’s not always good, but most good affiliate link promoters will have general review sites that are quite well established. Review sites that promote good and bad products are more often trustworthy. Sites that have a well established business name and aren’t filled with call to action buttons are much less likely to be promoting scams.

Did you know that most big chain companies use affiliate links to sell their products? Amazon is one of the biggest online stores in the world and it’s a very trustworthy site. They use affiliate links to promote their products. Millions of people all over the world promote products for Amazon and they are always trustworthy because you will ultimately be buying the product from one of the most established sites online.

Other notable affiliate links include Apple, eBay and more.

Always Know Who You’re Dealing With

Before buying a product online, read reviews about the review site that you are reading. It’s a two step process; first check tons of reviews of the product that you want to buys, then read tons of reviews about the review sites that you’re getting the information from. That’s the best way to avoid online scams. Once you have found a couple good review sites such as this one, you can then return to them in the future and save yourself the trouble. Think about your hard earned money and take the time in order to prevent getting scammed.



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