Help for Scam Victims

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Use our form below to make us aware of your situation. We are here to help out scam victims. Although we can’t guarantee that we will be able to get your money back, we have expertise in this industry. We have successfully been able to retrieve lost money for many scam victims in the past and we continue helping out hundreds of victims every month. Tell us how you were scammed online and go into as much detail as possible. We will contact you within 1 week. We may request more details or we may simply confirm that we will move forward with the retrieval of your lost funds. Nonetheless, we will do our very best in order to make sure that the companies (scams) that stole your money, will refund you.


Please be patient, as we receive dozens of requests every single day. We take care of every request, which is why we may need a little extra time. Although we have tons of expertise in helping you get your money back after getting scammed online, we still encourage you to try and get refunded on your own as well. After contacting us, try contacting the scam artist who stole your money if you haven’t already done so.


As mentioned above, we will do our very best to get your money back after you have been scammed online. However, we won’t be successful 100% of the time. We ask that you remain polite and don’t get angry at us if we are not successful in the retrieval of your funds. will not keep any of the money that you retrieve. We merely survive with the few ads on our site; we don’t take your money. In fact, most refunds are issued directly to you. In most cases, you will get refunded with the payment method that you chose to make the payment in the first place. Our service is 100% free, which is why we ask you to remain patient while we work on your file.


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