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hirewriters review

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If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money on the internet, you should definitely consider writing articles. Writing content for clients is a wonderful way for you to make a couple extra hundred dollars per week. Finding clients may not always be as easy as it seems, which is where HireWriters comes in handy. This site makes it easy for you to get straight to work and get paid for the words that you type.

What is HireWriters

HireWriters is a website that connects writers and clients. You can either get paid to write content or you can get content written quickly. The way it works is each client posts projects directly into the work board. As a writer, you can choose the article that interests you and you can begin writing it. Once a writer has decided to write an article, it disappears from the work board so no other writer can work on it.

The writing jobs have deadlines, so it’s important to make sure that you can get right to work on them. Most jobs will give you 24 hours to complete them, but watch out because some jobs will have tighter deadlines.

How it Works

This site uses ratings to determine which jobs you can pick. You first start out as a beginner writer and can work your way up to expert by getting great feedback. Here is a list of the various levels that you can achieve:

  • Beginner – This is where you start off
  • General – You need 3 reviews with 4 stars or more to achieve this level
  • Skilled – You need 7 reviews with 4.1 stars or more to achieve this level
  • Expert – You need 12 reviews with 4.6 stars or more to achieve this level

As you can see, if you write quality content and the clients love your work, it’s quite easy to make your way up to an expert writer in no time. Clients can choose which category they want their work to be sent in. Even if you’re an expert, you can still do beginner jobs, but clients pay much higher rates for skilled and expert jobs.


HireWriters is very thorough with their payment system. As long as you have over $10 in your account, it will be sent into your PayPal account ever Friday at noon EST. We have completed jobs on this site for several weeks and every week, the payment was made automatically.

When a client reviews your work, they may not always choose to accept it though. If your content is not up to par, they may choose to refuse it and send it back into the pool of jobs for another writer to do it. They may also choose to ask for revisions. However, the clients cannot keep the content that you wrote if they choose to refuse it because HireWriters places watermarks on the content and only displays it as an image to the client until they accept it. It’s also important to know that a client can only open up a job if they have the money in their account. So if a client has deposited $20 into their account, they can’t open up a job for $30. This ensures that the client has the funds to pay you for your work.

Great for Clients Too

If you’re a client and looking for writers, this is a great place to find them. HireWriters has tons of writers and most projects get completely rapidly. You can get high quality work written without spending a fortune. The process is very quick and very simple. If you’re not entirely satisfied, you can return the project into the job board for another writer to take it on. It’s really a great way to add more content to your website without having to do the hard work.


Whether you’re looking to make some extra money by writing content or even if you’re searching for writers online, HireWriters is an excellent choice. This site makes it easy for you to accept jobs and find writers. You can easily climb up the ranks quickly and make a couple hundred dollars per week simply by writing content from the comfort of your own home working the hours that you want. This is a very trustable site and is well worth giving a try.



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  1. Hi Benny,

    No, HireWriters is not a scam. We have been working through their website for several years both as a writer and as a client. The problem is that sometimes clients do not like the work completed so they don’t accept it. However, when they don’t accept your work, the content has a watermark on it and they cannot copy the text, so they basically can’t use it unless they retype the entire thing out by hand.

    Don’t put the blame on HireWriters because they do their job very well.

  2. Sorry, we misread what your issue with HireWriters was. That must be a mistake because we have deposited thousands of dollars into HireWriters as a client and we have never had such issues.

    What makes you think that they refuse to give you a refund – have you tried contacting them?

  3. Yes i did, this company don’t have any office or number and the only way to contact them is via email . there is only one guy working there and his name is Brandon (not sure if its fake name) and he is very rude and bully. i deposited $200 never got credit . after i ask whats going on , never got answer then i open despite with paypal, he answered that i did something wrong and created a glitch in his system. i closed the paypal dispute hoping we solved the issue and he is willing to give my money back back this was his answer.

    “Yeah well you filed a chargeback against us with paypal, so we won’t be crediting you now.

    HireWriters Support “

  4. I have had the same positive experience as RedScams. There was an issue with my payment. It was showing as sent on my HireWriters account but I had not received it. I contacted PayPal who did not have a transaction to report and then inquired further at HireWriters. I very calmly explained my situation and remained polite and respectful. Although I did receive a snippy reply at first, I remained calm and provided screenshots in my second reply. I received a rapid response, and as it turns out, the issue was a “technical error on PayPal’s end”. They immediately credited my account. You catch more flies with honey!

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