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internet lifestyle network scam

Name: Internet Lifestyle Network

Website: Click Here to View

Price: $37

Verdict: Scam



Making money on the internet was really difficult back in the day, but in 2015, it’s a whole different story. Unfortunately, Internet Lifestyle Network won’t allow you to make any money whatsoever. This MLM ponzi scheme is going to do nothing more than take your money and run. The Internet Lifestyle Network scam has been around for nearly 3 years and has already fooled thousands of people into millions of dollars; don’t be one of those people.

What is Internet Lifestyle Network

This program is just another MLM (multi-level marketing). It works like a pyramid where you need to sign up, pay the amount that they are asking for and then harass others on a daily basis in order to get them to sign up so you can take a part of what they pay. The more people you get to sign up under you, the more money you can make. Then for everyone that they bring in, you make another cut of the profits; seems perfect doesn’t it?

Why Internet Lifestyle Network is a Scam

Vincent Ortega Jr. is behind this program; that alone shows us a huge red flag. He is notorious on the internet for his multiple scams. He has written weight loss ebooks, investment programs and tons of other self-help eBooks. All of his previous work were scams, so why would this one be any different?

The Internet Lifestyle Network fraud makes impossible promises that you will be making thousands of dollars on a weekly basis if you simply follow the easy guidelines. It’s NONSENSE! How could these stupid promises still fool anyone? Don’t ever believe a guy just because he was able to create a decent looking website and post images of Lamborghinis that he most likely found on Google Images.

This program asks you to pay before you get started. Would you ever pay your boss so you could work for them? No!

Internet Lifestyle Network has you pay, but they aren’t exactly clear about what you will be getting. Well we went through with it and guess what, you get nothing! You get basic MLM information and tips on how to get started; no free website, no support group, no real useful information and nothing to help you make money. However, they do try and fool you into spending more money for extra ‘goodies’.


Just stay away from Internet Lifestyle Network altogether; it’s a huge scam and deserves nothing more than to be ignored completely. Vincent Ortega Jr. may be fooling thousands of people every month, but we have to put a stop to it. If anyone has ever been a victim of this program, comment here and contact us. We will help you bring these terrible scam artists down once and for all!



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